Olzhas Suleimenov turns 88

Read his poem about Cuman steed


Listen, the land of the Cumans,

Praised for your endless herds.

Here roam the black horses,

Under the cloudburst of dry leaves.

Give me a young horse, brother,

Before I strike a vein,

And I will ride it to the edge,

Tilting the city and steppe.

While the wind fans the flame

In the hot blood of the argamak,iArgymaq or argamak is a purebred, fast horse.

The grass will soon blaze beneath us.

In the dust and the clatter of hooves.

Your argamak will soon learn

What it means to launch an assault.

So, let’s scare the timid roads

With the loud drum of our hooves.

Olzhas Suleimenov, born in 1936, is a prominent Kazakh writer, poet, and public figure.


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