Aigerim Tazhi

From "Blue grape"

Aigerim Tazhi / Qalam

One of Qalam's primary aims is to illuminate and explain our world by exploring various historical and cultural phenomena. In this section, we have decided to do without unnecessary words and familiar comments. What you will encounter here are fragments of verses collected from different eras and parts of the world. These speak for themselves and are notably beautiful to us.

Bulldozers dig up the world

To the bottom, and below the bottom, into hell.

In the bowl, blue grapes wither.

I've been drawing like this since childhood — only in blue.

Here, a cat says goodbye to her grown son,

They carry him away in a bag into the ground.

Remember the color: what is it, after all, what is it?

Of course, a name.

And the wind, half-dead from the heat,

Floats pollen over the allergics.

Neither canvas nor a promising page

Will stop the movement towards the end.

A falling stone won't stop.

You pull the body by the arms,

Face to face with your double

Through an empty wall of a gymnastic bar.

What will happen to you?

Aigerim Tazhi (born 1981) is a leading figure in contemporary Kazakh poetry, and she is recognized as one of its most prominent representatives.


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